Almond Biscuits


Preparation Time: 5 Minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Serves: 9-12

Almonds Biscuits Ingredients

325 gms. Sugar
325 gms. Blanched almonds
500 gms. Wheat flour
4 eggs, whipped
a pinch of Salt
100 ml. water


  • Place a pan on the fire with water and sugar and allow cooking till the sugar has melted.
  • Pour the Syrup into a large bowl and add the blanched almonds. Keep in the syrup for 4 hours.
  • At the end of 4 hours, place the flour onto a marble or wooden work surface. Make a well in the centre and pour the almond syrup. Add eggs, salt and mix well with fingertips. Knead till smooth.
  • Roll it out into a rope, ½ “ thick and cut the dough into long strips.
  • The cut strips should be 8” long by 1¼” wide. Place them on buttered sheets of baking paper and bake for 20 minutes at 350°F .

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