Eyelash Extension Myths

Eyelash Extension Myths


Currently, many myths exist about eyelash extensions. For the reason, many women avoid using them. They miss the advantages and the power of the extensions in improving their beauty. However, not all people take the misconceptions and myths seriously. They thus continue using the eyelash extensions. Most experts dismiss the myths and burst them to encourage women to use these extensions for the beauty of the face. Some people and especially experts can apply up to five or six sets of the extensions in a day.  Some women consider using the extensions but fear that the misconceptions may be right. These misconceptions range from causing the fall out of natural lashes to stop of growth of the lashes.  Worse still, some people say that the process of having the extensions fixed is painful. Some women fear using them to avoid the pains.  It is good to understand these myths and conceptions. The understanding helps you to know what is factual and what is mythical.Eyelash Extension Myths

1)  Lash Extensions are always Harmful to Your Own Natural Lashes

The myth is very common among many people. Evidently, many people avoid the process of having the extensions done by using the myth.  One fact is that, proper fixing of the lashes extensions cannot lead to the fallout of the natural lashes. You need to go to a professional to do the fixing for you. To some extent however, the myth may contain some truth. Improper fixing of the extensions may result to the loss and falling out of the natural lashes.  It is vital to have the extensions done and fixed by a professional. It ensures proper fixing and therefore avoiding both clumping and loss of lashes.  Also, falling out of the lashes can be natural. Timing is essential as it may be a coincident that the lashes are naturally falling out at the end of their growth cycle and at the same time use lashes extensions.  It is also vital not to fix or do the extensions yourself. Sometimes, doing it on your own may sound great but it can be messy. Side effects of eyelash extensions may result from improper fixing.

2)  Lash extensions don’t hold up Well in Hot or Humid Climates

On the contrary to the myth, the humid and hot conditions provide your body with nutrients and natural oils for the body and therefore allow the extensions to hold up for longer.  In the two types of climate, your beauty routine can be simplified.  The weather conditions will not necessarily need you to include some products in your routine. For example, you can skip your mascara or eyeliner.  The two sometimes smudge especially if it is hot or humid. Most of the times, women use these extensions when they are planning for vacations or trips when they will need or require less or little makeup.  The fact is that humidity and hot conditions are not bad for the extensions. On the contrary, they are friendly to them.

3) Eyelash Extensions Hurt

Sometimes, women do not have their extension fixed by well experienced professionals. The habit can lash extensions and this is likely to cause pain. However, if they choose to have the extensions fixed or done by a professional who has better and sufficient experience, they will not have any pains. If they are painful, or they hurt, lashes can be somehow be uncomfortable.  Sometimes inexperienced persons can glue the natural lashes while clumped with the extensions. If this happens, it may result in a lot of pain. If you notice pain in the area around your lashes after having your extensions done, go back to the salon and have them redone.

4) They Take Forever to Be Applied

The time an expert takes to fix the extensions depends on her knowhow and experience. Well trained and experienced experts will have the extensions fixed and well done within some minutes.  Within half an hour for example one should be done fixing a set of extensions.  It also depends on the fullness you need to have on the lashes. If you need a full set for example it will take more time to fix than if you needed half. Similarly, a less experienced person will get the extensions done but can take a longer period than the experienced person.

5) Your Lashes Will Never Grow Back

A myth among several of us is that the natural lashes cease to grow when you use the extensions. The myth is that it stops growth of the lashes even when you stop using them. However, the lashes can grow.  They grow and that is the reason people keep filling them using the extensions. If they ceased to grow, then it implies that there would be nothing to fill. Stopped growth and reduced growth of lashes are thus not side effects of eyelash extensions.


Apparently, the many myths, beliefs and misconceptions about lashes extensions prevent use by many women. Some fear to lose their natural lashes, while others fear the cessation of natural lashes growth. Still, some fear the pains that are said to come with fixing the lashes. However, all these are misconceptions. It is essential to have the extensions fixed or done by an expert. This is necessary to avoid pain and loss of the natural lashes.

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