lose weight after pregnancy

Do you want to lose weight when you are no longer pregnant? After giving birth to a child, a woman got lots of surprises in her health that also include the excess weight. Many women find that losing weight is possible by taking appropriate food as well as with regular exercise. But you have to put all your efforts to get your perfect body back in shape. If you also want to lose weight after pregnancy then you must have to perform some physical activities as well as you should have to take proper diet.

lose weight after pregnancy

You have to Take Time To Lose Weight After Delivery

After giving the birth to a child, you must have to be careful and give time to your body because after delivery, your body needs rest and some time to recover. It would be good, if you start activities or dieting after six weeks of delivery. Moreover, you must have to consult with your doctor before starting any activity for weight loss. When your body recovers completely, then start doing some simple exercises. You can start with walking, stretching or pelvic floor exercise. You can continue with this exercise for some time then try another also, but after a few days you will able to see results. You can drop your weight but to get back in shape will take some time.

Try Few Things To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

If you want to recover fast then you should have to take balanced diet. After being a mother, it would be important for you to eat healthy and nutrient food. It will not matter that whether you are bottle feeding or breastfeeding, try to eat healthy food always. To get energy, you must have to eat correct food. When you are hungry, eat appropriate food because if you are doing breastfeeding then you will feel hungry alot. This is happen because your body works hard during the feeding.

Here are some tips that you must have to follow to lose weight as well as to maintain your health:

  • Take your meals on time and mainly breakfast.
  • Never skip your meal because it will reduce your energy level.
  • Eat fruits and vegetable everyday.
  • Try to eat food which are rich in fiber like oats, vegetable, grains and so on in your diet
  • Maintain calories in your diet. For instance, after giving birth to a baby, you have to eat ghee-laden dishes, panjiri, etc. which are high in calories while khichdi has a low calorie, so divide your meal as per the calorie consumption.
  • Try to eat small meals every time when you eat, it will prevent from overeating.
  • Drink water as much as possible.
  • Drink low calorie beverages such as coconut water, fresh fruit juices, lemon juice and water and much more.
  • It is also said that breastfeeding to your baby will help you to regain your shape back.
  • In your snacks include a glass of toned milk, salads, fruit salad and so on.
  • Try to include non-fat dairy products and milk. Always prefer the low fat products.
  • Include fruits and vegetables in your diet which are high in fiber and vitamins but low in fat.
  • Opt boiled or baked food instead of dried food.
  • Avoid sweet, sugar or high calories food.

It becomes quite hard to lose weight after baby but if you want to lose then be careful. Extra weight will also increase the chance of other disease like gestational diabetes in next pregnancy.

Be Practical

After giving a birth to new baby, it would be hard for every woman to regain pre-pregnancy shape and weight. So, you should have to be practical and you have to be ready to accept the changes in your body that happen after the pregnancy. After giving a birth to a new baby you will have a larger waistline, softer belley and wider hips. When you think about losing weight then make your goal with new body shape and weight because now you are a mother of a new born baby.


If you really want to achieve the desired result then with a healthy and nutritious diet, you must have to do regular exercise that will lose unwanted fat from the body instead of muscle. When your body recover properly then you are ready to lose weight. Once you start to lose weight then eat less and move little every day that means you don’t have to put more and more hard efforts to lose weight fast, otherwise it will affect your health. Rapid health loss will deliver an adverse effect on your body. Just do normal exercise and eat healthy food. If you can’t do exercise then walk everyday and for that you can walk in your block or nearby garden with your baby in stroller. It is one of a best way to lose weight.

Think Positive

When we plan to lose weight, we aim something and if don’t achieve our aim then we get disappointed. But if you want to lose weight after pregnancy then you must have to keep patience and will power because to lose weight, you have to put lots of efforts and for that you to include superfoods in your diet as well as some physical activities. It is also recommended not to do excess exercise because it will not good for your health.

You must have to include some superfoods which are high in nutrients and low in fat and calories. Fish is one of a superfood which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Another superfood are milk and yogurt which are a rich source of calcium. Beans are high in protein and fiber while low in fat. You need all nutrition elements to keep your body fit and healthy as well as these superfood will help you to lose weight plus help to regain new and pleasant body structure. Eat healthy and simple exercise, both are the best way to lose weight in an efficient and effective way.

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