5 Eyelash Extension Myths You Should Stop Believing Now

''Eyelash Extension Myths

Eyelash Extension Myths Introduction Currently, many myths exist about eyelash extensions. For the reason, many women avoid using them. They miss the advantages and the power of the extensions in improving their beauty. However, not all people take the misconceptions and myths seriously. They thus continue using the eyelash extensions. […]

10 Best Diet Tips for Hair Loss Prevention


When it comes to healthy hair, your diet plays a vital role. Good hair depends on good health and good health in turn depends on good diet. Yes, better looking hair can start at just your next meal. When it comes to beauty, you all care about your hair. But, […]

Tiryaka Tadasana : How to do Tiryaka Tadasana Yoga Steps

''Tiryaka Tadasana Yoga Steps

We had discussed Tadasana yoga steps in previous post Now today going to post Tiryaka Tadasana.   Tiryak Tadasana Yoga Steps : First of all, hold the position of ┬áTadasana. Keeping the heels raised from the ground Then bend the body first to right side and then to the left […]

Benefits of Bitter gourd for health and beauty


Healthy benefits of bitter gourd or Karela Healthy heart Bitter gourds reduces the bad cholesterol in the body and lower the chance of getting heart diseases. It keeps the blood pressure levels to good scale and maintains our heart healthy. Bitter gourd juice for liver health Blend the bitter gourds […]

6 Basic Health Care Tips for Daily Life

''Basic Health Care Tips

  Today in this post i am going to share with you some basic health care tips for Daily life that you should apply in your daily Routine and in few days you will see its result as a healthier body, healthier mind and happiest life. so following are these […]

Uttanpadasana : Yoga Posture and Benefits

''Uttanpadasana Yoga Posture

Uttanpadasana is very useful for removing the excess fat of the body.   Steps for Uttanpadasana (The Raised-leg Pose) 1 Lie flat on the back. 2 Keep the Arms by the side of the body. 3 Keep the heels and the feet together. 4 Inhale slowly. Then lift the legs […]

Health Benefits of Pistachio Nuts : Healthy Eating

''Health Benefits of Pistachio Nuts

Originally from Western Asia, but known for thousands of years throughout the Mediterranean, the pistachio has been cultivated commercially in the English speaking world in Australia, New Mexico and in California where it was introduced in 1854 as a garden tree. The pistachio is one of two nuts mentioned in […]