Tiryaka Tadasana : How to do Tiryaka Tadasana Yoga Steps

''Tiryaka Tadasana Yoga Steps

We had discussed Tadasana yoga steps in previous post Now today going to post Tiryaka Tadasana.   Tiryak Tadasana Yoga Steps : First of all, hold the position of  Tadasana. Keeping the heels raised from the ground Then bend the body first to right side and then to the left […]

Uttanpadasana : Yoga Posture and Benefits

''Uttanpadasana Yoga Posture

Uttanpadasana is very useful for removing the excess fat of the body.   Steps for Uttanpadasana (The Raised-leg Pose) 1 Lie flat on the back. 2 Keep the Arms by the side of the body. 3 Keep the heels and the feet together. 4 Inhale slowly. Then lift the legs […]

Parvatasana – Posture | Benefits of Parvatasana


Parvatasana   This asana is also known as ‘Viyogasana’, because it involves a special technique of yoga. Only healthy person should practise this asana. How to Practice Parvatasana (1) Sit in Padmasana. (2) Join the palms of the hands. (3) Stretch the arms vertically up over the head. Some persons […]

Physical effects of Yoga on the Body


Yogic exercise affects, by and large, all the organs and systems of the body. It especially affects the muscles and sinews. As the intestines are affected by yoga, one gets rid of constipation, gastric trouble and indigestion. Body gets flexible. Yoga controls the fluctuations in the weight of the body. […]

Padmasana Yoga Pose | Lotus Pose


‘Padma’ means lotus. Padmasana acquires its name because when performed this resembles a lotus. This is also known as Kamalasana. This is best suited for meditation and for reciting ‘mantras. This is beneficial to both men and women.   Technique: (1) Sit on the ground. Spread the legs forward and […]

Yoga Poses and Tips to Loose Belly Fat


Here are a set of yogasanas, which when combined with an ideal eating plan and healthy lifestyle can assure you of the flat belly that you always dreamt of. Holding onto the posture tightens and contracts your upper and lower abs while repeating the movement tones them up. Yoga Poses […]