Natural Herbs to relieve seasonal Allergies

''seasonal allergies

If you have caught yourself sneezing and coughing, or your eyes and nose are getting itchy and runny during a season of the year, then you can be sure that it is nothing other than seasonal allergy. Grass, mold and pollen are some of the basic triggers of seasonal allergies. […]

Home remedies for hair fall control – Hair Loss

''Home remedies for hair fall control

Hair fall or alopecia is very embarrassing and you tend to feel helpless and confused. You try to hide the bald patches on your head. You lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair every day which is perfectly normal, According to, dermatologists. Only when the hair fall exceeds this […]

How to make homemade body oil using Coconut oil


  Nothing gives more happiness than being able to make our own beauty products from ingredients available in the kitchen. Due to our hectic schedule, going to the spa or beauty parlour every fortnight seems impossible, moreover it is not economical, so the best option is to give ourselves a […]

Best Oatmeal face packs for Glowing skin


Oatmeal face packs for Glowing skin – Ingredients & Procedure   1. Oatmeal and rosewater face pack Facial packs rejuvenate your skin and speeds up circulation process, tightens it and also cleanses the entire face. Face packs are also beneficial to take out impurities, dead epidermis cells and impurities from […]

12 Natural Health Benefits of Basil Tea

''benefits of basil tea

Basil is an aromatic herb that comes in a variety of different species. It is grown widely in various areas of the world and is known most commonly for being used for culinary purposes. However since basil holds a tasteful flavor and is vitamin-filled it has proven itself to be […]

Natural Home Remedies For Jaundice Treatment


Yakrit Plihantak Churna from Planet Ayurvedais one of the best herbal remedy for Jaundice treatment. It is also useful herbal remedy for fatty liver and liver cirrhosis, liver damage due to alcohol, toxins and infection. What is Jaundice? Jaundice is the most common of all liver disorders resulting from an […]

9 Natural Home Remedies for Sore Throat


I think you agree with me “Almost everyone gets a sore throat pain at one time or another”. Especially in children more often than adults. Sore throat is mostly caused by Virus; also have some common causes – Viral infection Bacterial infection, fungal infection, Smoking, Shouting, and Allergies. Today, I […]

Top 10 Health Benefits of Ginger


Ayurveda gives ginger the status of a virtual medicine chest. That’s because this wonder spice has time-tested digestion-friendly properties, in addition to its numerous other health benefits. In India, ginger is liberally used in daily life. Ginger-infused chai is a household favorite, and it’s grandma’s antidote of choice for battling […]

Natural Home remedies for cough and cold


Home remedies for cough and cold The common cold and cough is an ailment that affects us not just during the winter, but also at other times of the year and it can be quite a draining experience. There are a few natural remedies that you can use as soon […]